APMC Market, Navi Mumbai

Come summers and I await the arrival of the king of fruits – The Alphonso Mango. When I say Alphonso, I mean the authentic Alphonso with that saffrony juicy flesh and that particular thin skin… This fruit definitely has something about it. A king has its own aura and so does the AlphonsoAlphonso Mango. Aura is directly proportional to price here. Thus, I set sail in search of the best possible place where I could find my King, but at a rate that wouldn’t pinch my pockets. And my search took me to APMC Market in Vashi, Navi Mumbai. There it was, my King… in its multiplications… This is the place of wholesalers who deal in veggies, fruits, all kinds of groceries, masalas, dry-fruits, etc. The market starts as early as 2 am. There’s a huge hustle-bustle around with the retailers and others bargaining for the best possible rate. Taking home 5 dozens at a go made my hour-long drive worthwhile. Yeah, it dint even pinch my pocket!

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