Tia, my passport to motherhood!!!

This is definitely a food and travel blog and I must have left you wondering, what’s a dog doing in here. Nonetheless, I want to share this wonderful phase of my life with you. Life’s a journey and I’ve promised to share my travelogues with you. So, let me introduce you to Tia, our princess and my first baby… a priceless part of my life’s journey.
I am a dog lover. A distant dog lover to be precise. So I’ve always been apprehensive about getting one home to be a part of my life. But the moment I set my eyes on Tia, all those apprehensions were burried somewhere deep under my love for her. She is a gorgeous dog. Well, I don’t call her a dog anymore and neither do I let anyone call her that way. Love changes everything for sure.
Tia, keeps me on my toes all day. She is loving, innocent, mischievous, and stubborn. I see myself in her eyes which are cutely hidden under the fringes of her hair. She has those big, round eyes which seem to have gathered all the innocence of the world in them. I love the way she touches me with her paws, jumps over me, follows me all around the house, practically every single things that she does. All the unconditional love that she showers on me and without expecting anything in return.
Being with her for last couple of days, has activated every thoughtful area of my brain. Can we humans ever be like Tia? Is there anything at all that we do unconditionally for each other? Is it so difficult for us to be like her? We are animals too… Homo Sapien Sapiens…aren’t  we? Although, an ongoing evolution has got us here with a brain that has enormous potential to bring the whole world down or just love each other with all our might and make this world “a” heaven on this earth. I could have used “another” instead of “a”. But I chose not to. I haven’t seen the first heaven after all.
Well, right now, I want to live in this moment with my baby… my daughter from another mother. Welcome to my world, Tia. I promise to love you the way you do. We have a long journey to travel together. And with you, this journey is sure to be fun…

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