Choco-coffee shake

I can happily trade a candlelight dinner for a glass of chilled cafe frappe and an hour of chit-chat with friends in my favourite coffee joint. In absence of company,  I do not mind sitting alone, grabbing my frappe and flipping though my novel.
The aroma of coffee is such a mood-booster. And combination of coffee and vanilla icecream in the frappe makes me go weak in my knees.
I am not a great fan of chocolate milk shake, although I’m known to serve my guests with it wholeheartedly.
So this is how I came up with an idea of this choco-coffee fusion and my Choco-coffee Shake was born…
chcoccoffee shakeIngredients:
1 big glass of chilled milk
2 scoops vanilla icecream
1 tbsp coffee ( a bit more, if u are a coffee fan)
3 tbsps Cadburrys hot chocolate powder
Chocolate pieces for garnishing
Sugar (if u need it sweeter)

1. Blend it all together in the blender and pour it into one large glass
2. Place a dollop of whipped cream / vanilla or chocolate icecream
3. Garnish with chocolate pieces or chocolate powder

P.S. – Wanna avoid adding inches to your waist, skip Step 2

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