To begin with, I love Japan and everything about it. Love this subject about “Geisha”. I’ve read the book “Memoirs of a Geisha” twice and seen the movie by the same name over and over again. Kimonos, hairstyle, make-up, their life…everything’s is so welcoming. Thanks for the post…


122863896054275831_8wXaxSQ2_cGeishas compared with a Maiko/Geisha apprentice is less showy. A Geisha kimono is usually a strong base color with a simple design and subtle patterns based on scenes from nature or traditional Japanese themes, according to the seasons. Similarly, the Obi / cloth around his waist, as most tend to be brocade fabric of a single color, usually adorned with minimal Obi belts and brooches.

Everyday hairstyle of a Geisha is a relatively simple set of hair. Full-part wigs are worn for formal occasions and dance performances. At the more formal dress, she has a white makeup and wearing a black kimono with five symbols, two front and three at the back. A white-collar under the kimono is a sign of high status Geisha.

Compared to the old Japanese Geisha is a very different life today. The girls become Geishas of her own free will and stay as long as…

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