Jimmy Boy, Fort

Fort area in Southern Mumbai still oozes its 18th century colonial charm. So does its heritage architecture, streets and its cafes.
Nestled in the Horniman Circle area, bang opposite the glorious Asiatic Library and a neighbour to the famous Bademiya is this modest little restaurant called Jimmy Boy.
Jimmy Boy Lane
Jimmy Boy is famous for its authentic Parsi cuisine. They say, this place is just the same it was ages ago in terms of its ambience and much loved menu; which could be the reason it’s crowded all the time with old patrons still ordering the Brun Maska and Chai and the new and indecisive ones (like us) hovering all over the menu.
Ambience: It’s a restaurant portraying the ethos of the 70s and 80s or even before, when Mumbai was Bombay and gourmet food was unheard of. Nostalgic!
I have a thing for chandeliers and absolutely loved this one.
Old-school wide-rimmed cookie jars sitting on the wall that separates the small bakery from the restaurant. There are also some cupcakes and croissants on display.
Seating: It’s a petite place. Around 8 tables accommodating two or four on each side. There’s a mezzanine floor too.
Food: Menu is huge. Along with authentic Parsi food, North Indian cuisine, sandwiches, quiches, tarts and others are also sprinkled here and there on the menu. They have Pallonji’s Rasberry and Ginger Soda, typically found in Parsi restaurants.
We ordered a Masala Akhu, a sunny-side-up egg on grated potato cake. I liked.
For the mains it was a Parsi must-have, Patra Ni Machhi – fish cooked in green masala and steamed in banana leaf. We had it with chapatis. It was delectable.
Patrani Machhi
Later came Chicken Dhansak – Chicken cooked in dal (pulses). It’s accompanied by brown rice and two pieces of Chicken Kebab. Chicken pieces were cooked to perfection. The gravy was kinda ok, a bit on the sweeter side. May be it’s meant to taste that way.
Chicken Dhansak
We wrapped up our dinner with Kulfi.
Service: A twenty out of ten! Right from the call I made to locate the place till after paying the bill, it was a pleasurable experience. Service is super quick. Food was on the table within minutes of placing the order.
Parsi food being a totally unfamiliar territory, we were lost in the menu. It was then Mr. Kaushal came to our rescue. He is very friendly and helpful, so is his cheerful staff…even at 11.30 pm when it was time to pull the shutters down and a staff birthday was waiting to be celebrated.

My Say: Food was great. May not be exceptional. Ambience is nostalgic. Service is fabulous.
You gotta go there once to lay your curiosity about Parsi cuisine to rest. I’m sure it wont disappoint you.


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