B/W Is Beautiful

Irony And Ecstasy:
I clicked this picture on our visit to Mussoorie. We’d halted for a coffee in a tiny restaurant. Through the backdoor, I could see a bright little temple plonked precariously on a cliff. I couldn’t stop myself from requesting the manager to allow me get to the rear to click some pics. He gladly obliged. There was this person, enjoying the chilling mountain breeze while puffing beedi. His eyes were beautifully old and skin countlessly wrinkled. Don’t miss the ad on the wall behind him.
Mussoorie uncle
I‘ll Be There For You:
Getting a perfect shot ain’t easy. There’s lot of stunts involved…well…sometimes… This was one such, clicked from my 16th floor balcony. I enjoy standing there with my chilled coffee, watching the grandparents bring the kids for a stroll every evening. What I love about this picture is the old, warm and protective hand of this aging grandad on the baby’s head. So much of love, so many emotions, so many promises!


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  1. Thank you so much again 🙂 …Feel as if my attachment with the birds has paid off. I consider this an honour to be getting such praises from a pro like you. I’m just an amateur but definitely a passionate photographer. My cell and DSLR are my all-time buddies.

    And you are amazing to cover three threads in one…hehe…
    I’m sure the climate was awesome in Mussoorie. Tullahmore takes this experience up a notch. I miss Bhagwat’s food, especially coffee and parathas. I think I should call him for the coffee recipe. I get mine ‘just right’. His is ‘perfect’. Thanks for conveying about me to him. I can imagine that smile (ear to ear) on his cute face. Ditto with Rakesh 🙂

    You are absolutely right about life. Its all about living every moment to the fullest. Me too a staunch follower of it. Smile is infectious… spread it as much as you can… 🙂


  2. Awesome Click NG~
    (humbly Sharing below)

    When this world finally melted
    into into its unreal element and started shedding its colors…
    I stole and hid the grays for just you and me…
    I knew whenever it would rain the painful crimsons…
    these are what we would need to shine us back …
    inside our own elements

    – Rainshowers 2009

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    1. Thank you so much, Jeasbe! Love every word of your poem. I have this huge fondness for old people, whether they are my own or the others. They are an era of their own. We have a long long way to go…


      1. Thanks Natasha …
        Life…I known not how much it has in store for me… But then who cares for ‘How Much’ in quantity or the length as long as I am enjoying every moment of it.

        @Photography has been my passion as well; Instilled into me during my Two years Stay at Norway, Studying Photojournalism in those days of dark rooms and Kodak papers.

        It gives me immense pleasure to see someone ‘capturing a wonder moment’ in just one ‘click’
        ( Oh Yes ! that Arnold’s fly-by past his Brother IS an amazing capture….. ( Claps !! Tho from another Thread )

        My teenager just started on His Canon D600 (He’s in the 9th Grade) and I am for sure going to show Arnold’s Pic to him because he too Loves birds as much.

        BTW: I was at Tullahmore …. And Spoke to Bhagwat ji about you. And he beamed back a Smile as much as Rakesh Ji Did …. ( haha )
        I have called up Bhagwat Sharma ji more than Thrice since I came back…
        Just Today I spoke to him again from Ajmer; where I am on a vacation at My Inlaws’ Place …

        Gosh !! Three Threads covered in One … Lollz….
        Keep Clicking !!


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