Fifteen Minutes Creamy Mushroom Sauce

Trust me. It is done in fifteen minutes.
Read on…
Creamy Mushroom SaucePreparation time: 5 minutes
Cooking time: 10 minutes
Serves: 3

200 gms button mushrooms, cleaned and cut into quarters. Smaller ones, cut in halves
2 medium-size onions, finely chopped
400 ml light cream/ fresh cream
3 tbsp Oil (or as needed)
1 tsp freshly ground pepper
Salt as per taste

1. Heat oil in a pan and add onions
2. Fry till soft and translucent
3. Toss in the mushrooms and stir
4. Pour in the cream
5. Season with salt and pepper and simmer for couple of minutes till the sauce bubbles away

Isn’t that shamelessly simple! 🙂
The sauce is best friends with a juicy steak. I plated it with my humble Peas and Scallion Rice. Awesome!
Life’s too short to be anything but happy. And such food, is insane happiness…

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