Fairytale House

Houses draped in Boston Ivies and Virginias, that creep all over, wild and directionless fascinate me. They make a house look incredibly dramatic, straight out of Victorian era.
I love imagining them on the night of a rising moon, sometimes hiding among trees, sometimes behind the clouds, her disc casting shadows over the rooftops. Think it eerie or romantic, it sure makes for a phenomenal imagination, does it not…
A façade adorned with greens, is sure to grab attention than a plain one.
And when the seasons change, so does this drapery. From autumnal gold to spring blossoms, even the eyeball-grabbing purples and violets of Wisteria, these exteriors are undoubtedly the most spectacular exteriors a house can have. Did you know that houses draped in such ornamental vines, fetch a much higher price when put on sale, than their plain counterparts would!

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