All We Want…

Tender dew drop or a radiant sun beam,
Thunderous roar or a silent scream,
There's something to ask and something to tell,
Our heart's a chateau where feelings dwell.

Raised under our parents' wings
with tender love and care,
Marriage is to leave their nest
Is that really fair?
We live and breathe the tradition
of his duties towards his parents,
When it comes to caring for ours
Why's there deterrence?

Both work shoulder to shoulder,
Both burn the midnight oil,
But when it comes to daily chores
Why does their blood boil?
If home is built by the both of us,
Why can't the chores be shared?
We wish they notice our aching feet
While they lie stretched in bed.

No matter how unappealing they are,
tall, slim and fair they crave.
Look beyond our height, size and color
We pity their thinking so naïve.
Why can't they stop ogling at us?
Why can't they leave us in peace?
Till when should we fall prey to their lechery
That covets the golden geese.

What if one day we had to swap our genus,
We'd fly to Mars and they to Venus.
Then together we'd have a heart to heart
Our appeals ready to hit them like a dart.
"Why can't you see us for our power and grace?
For the ocean of love that dwells in our heart?
Is a little empathy too much to ask?
All we want is to be your counterpart."

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