Shravan, A Month Of Fasts And Festivals

Shravan – the holiest and also the busiest month as per the Hindu Calendar.
Holiest, because the entire month is devoted to Lord Shiva. And every day of this month is an auspicious day for the beginning of everything new.
This is also a month of fasting. Irony is, Shravan is full of festivals. Every week. I’ve never been able to wrap my head around the idea of fasting when festivals keep ringing in and kitchens waft with aromas of fried and steamed and baked delights. Fasting isn’t for a food fanatic like me!
Busiest, because festivals cause continued influx of guests and thus keep kitchens busy.

Guests bring gifts. Shops are therefore loaded with innovative gift hampers and artisanal sweets that exhibit the incredible dexterity of the maker.
The eyeball grabbing hampers are a visual treat. I couldn’t help but compliment the helpers over how sunning they looked. They instantly directed me to the guy whose creation this visual merchandise was. It was nightfall and he’d been on his toes all day with the continuous pouring of customers. With this unexpected appreciation in front his colleagues and boss, he said I made his day. Such a happy face it was!
So, dear ones, compliment people whenever you get a chance. It may just put a smile on a tired soul… or help adding those much needed brownie points from their boss 😊

Sweet gift hampers

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