New Beginnings

After years contemplating, procastinating and nervousness, I made a spur-of-the-moment decision and brought him home…late night, when first day of the festival had drawn to a close. Thanks to a dear one for the precious words of wisdom that helped me cross this endless bridge. “Doesn’t matter how the world celebrates. It’s YOUR belief that counts. God’s happy even with a flower”, were the precise words.

It was as if these were the words I’d been waiting to hear so long to propel me forward.
How enriching it is to be on the other side of fear and how liberating it is to toss away the irrelevant mental baggage we carry on our heads most of our life.

Growing up, I’ve been a part of great many Ganpati celebrations, all so pompous, replete with elaborate decorations, drum beats and continuous influx of guests. Ganesh festival is supposed to be extravagant after all.
It’s noteworthy how we invariably comply to the societal norms or unseen pressure without actually asking ourselves or the society a simple question, “Why? Why does it have to be a certain way?”
God has never set norms on celebrations, nor does he differentiate between the class of an individual or his colour and then decide on the quantity of blessings to give. I sadly remember the moment when a temple priest had chastised me over wearing a frock, in front of a huge crowd of devotees. Noticeably, the same man, unabashedly gave prasad – single piece to da poor and whole box to the well-dressed he must have taken to be rich. This brazen favoritism by a god-man?
Would god reprimand me over my dresscode or him over his hypocrisy? Answer is, Neither.
God is energy. This immensely positive energy that resides within n around us. He’s in our thoughts, our words, our actions. He’s in the way we treat his other creations. He doesn’t forgive nor punish. He’s just there, present.

My Ganu surely is happy being alone with me. No expensive decorations, no guests. Just him and me and couple of diyas, room smelling of incense, handful of fruits, homemade sweet and the music of rainfall.
My way of celebrating My Ganpati!

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