Bougainvillea Splash


Bougainvillea, tiny little flower with a mighty difficult name!
Various other plants might have been a part of the school curriculum. But bougainvillea was the first one I actually got acquainted with. Memories of its lush foliage peeping across from a neighbouring compound into our tiny lane, offered respite to the dusty brown path beneath, it’s paper flowers strewn around, drying up crisp in no time. I remember plucking one each time I passed it. The eye-catching froth of fuchsia still welcomes me even after three decades.
From adorning the white-washed, cobbled Greek avenues to beautifying the dusty lanes of #Vasai, this hardy and humble plant can thrive and flourish in any climate.
Do pay a bit extra attention to this often overlooked, but undoubtedly extraordinary plant next time you pass it. It might just take you down one of the hot pink or deep purple memory lanes from your childhood…

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