Herbal Tea

It’s pelting down outside. Thundering and lightening have made a rare but dramatic appearance of this season. I’m grappled with sore throat and that’s my tea boiling away.
I’m not a tea fanatic. Therefore, when I make one for myself, I add a world of herbs to it. That way it doesn’t taste like the usual tea and I’m happy 😊.
So, back to this one that’s boiling here. In my mortar and pestle (thank you, mummy), I pound ginger, fresh turmeric, few black pepper corns and an inch or so of cinnamon. This mixture I add to the boiling tea and then chop some lemongrass in and let it all simmer till the tea soaks up all the essence. Colour’s saffrony because of the turmeric.
Each ingredient in there is a powerhouse of nutrients. Especially when you’re under the weather – common cold, cough, flu and such- it’s a magic potion. Reduces inflammation, soothes sore throat, boosts immunity, fights headache, etc. I pound a whole lot of it and refrigerate. Saves time and strength for when I have to make it again.
The smell of Ginger and Lemongrass is inviting and flavour’s really strong. It gives a little sting when it runs down your throat. But believe you me, once you get used to it, you’ll never go back to the simple one. I make it often for my househelps and they’ve forgotten what the plain tea tastes like. Make it once. And thank me later 😊

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