Dragon of fear I've slayed, ferocious in the face of life,
Persistent and powerful, I wade through the river of strife.
Shattered, a wavebeaten ship on the shore,
Make no mistake, I'm a diamond alive in the ore.

Misunderstood I am
for my reasoning and rebellion,
Silence is a weakness
I forgive this mindless assumption.
Ensnare or imprison me 
or cast me in your diabolical mould,
My will shall write my destiny, 
My mind you can have no hold.

My clothes, my work, my voice aren't me
They are my choice.
Walk away
if you want me as one of your decoys.
Nothing, no one will dissuade me from my goals,
Ever heard a wildfire or blizzard 
being in anyone's control?

Queen of my Queendom, I'm a heart covered in scars.
I ain't a note from one instrument,
But symphony of a million guitars.
No darkness can conceal a star, 
her brilliance she never extols,
Unstoppable, Unconquerable, Invictus 
I'm the Captain Of My Soul.

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