When It Rains

Skies swollen grey with tints of majesty,
Trees slumber under a misty spell,
Billowy clouds part momentary,
Sunbeams dive deep into the verdant dell.

Wings of winds deliver your scent,
I'm bathed, I'm drenched, I smell of you.
Where art thou, O' angel of torment?
Do the winds not whisper how I burn for you?

Come, O' come, thee love of mine,
Gather me unyielding till I breathe no more.
Come, lay with me under the sweet moonshine,
Thy absence no longer can I endure.

Leave me not lonesome in this pelting rain,
Let me kiss those lips of honeydew.
Night's drawn her curtain, do not abstain,
Come, dissolve in me as I melt away in you…

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