An Ode To Autumn

There's a kind of mystery to autumn, 
What with her divaesque ways,
Carpet of shriveled leaves under her feet,
And a crown of sunlit days.

Dew drops settle over the swaying meadows, 
Tickling the grazing ewes, 
Even the weeping willows smile, 
As the wind ruffles their golden leaves.

Come, build your nest, O' hummingbird,
Take a twig or two,
Don't forget the food you've squirreled away,
Winter's coming for you. 

Evenings of dim-lit oil lamps,
Hark back to the days of glee,
When scent of incense filled my home,
And dinners were family. 

You hold the key to my heart O' Fall, 
A key that's lost in Spring, 
I'd rather revel in your mysteries today,
Than wonder what tomorrow brings…
-Natasha Gracious

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