• First photograph is of my nephew, Reyaansh, my sister’s son. He has an aura of innocence that only angels possess. He’s blessed with an incredible IQ and EQ for a 11 year old.
  • Second is of my younger nephew, Kiaan, my bro’s kid. He’s 9, a seasoned storyteller (horror mostly), and a mind blowing artist. He loves sketching battle tanks and submarines. Both these kids are the pride of our family and I love them with my life.
  • Third and fourth are of sun-down on a spectacular beach in Vasai called Suru Chi Baug. Suru means Pine in Marathi. Once pon a time, until few years ago, these gorgeous black sands were a happy home to vast expanses of tall Pines swaying to the sea breeze, their needles dispersed everywhere. I have fond memories of childhood picnics where we’d find an empty spot amidst a cluster of trees and layout our spread, eating, chatting and lying down, eyes closed giving in to the songs of the trees. When the heat would subside, we’d head to the beach. There weren’t any touristy activities except the sea, sad, setting sun and us. Things are now completely different. Sand mafia have heartlessly killed hundreds of these harmless creatures in order to smuggle the sand. These unlawful activities happen in the dark; and when the morning comes, the beach has a changed look. Heartbreaking!
  • Fifth and sixth are from my visit to a shopping mall. Was trying my hand at Selective Focus.

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