Chicken Liver Fry

Some like it, some don't; but chicken liver is undeniably a powerhouse of nutrition. Infact, it's one of the healthiest foods on the planet. Besides, it isn't classified as red meat or white meat, it's simply organ meat. When compared to breast or thigh or other parts that are usually relished with delight, chicken liver... Continue Reading →

Belle De Nuit – Strawberry and Grapes Juice

Belle De Nuit! Lady Of The Night in French. This exotic words or idea or phrase, whatever that is, has been etched on my brain for the last five years, after my visit to France. And I've been wanting and waiting for the right time and the right thing to use it for. Ebony Black... Continue Reading →

Drawn To You

Drawn to you like a moth to flame; Unbeknownst to you, Unbeknownst to me, If I'll glow with your light or be reduced to ashes... -Natasha Gracious

Asterias, From Dawn To Dark

Do you know what Asteria means? It's Greek for Star. And another word for my being consumed with fairlylores and skyverse 🙂 Chance encounters with two extremely beautiful, hardworking women; different generations, different fields of work but three things in common - sparkling hazel eyes, innocent yet contagious smiles, and childish eagerness to pose for... Continue Reading →

The Great Indian Thali

Indian food is a spectacular gastronomical journey where every bend in the road tells a visually enticing delightfully different and lipsmackingly memorable story. If the Scots have their folklores, we Indians have foodlores. Our culture:Although dining table is a permanent piece of furniture in almost every household, it mostly serves as a shelf of convenience... Continue Reading →

Canned Tuna Curry – Malvani Style

Canned or tinned fishes are the ones that are processed and sealed in airtight containers to last for a long period of time. Canning is a process of preserving food thereby extending their shelf-life from a year up to 5 years. Canned tuna is sold in various forms; preserved in brine, spring water, sunflower or... Continue Reading →

Wood Apple AKA Bael Fruit

Bael Fruit or Wood Apple! It was unknown until it wasn't.The fruit vendor kept persuading me to buy what looked like a distant cousin of coconut that I'd never seen nor known before. He was persistent and I was apprehensive. Fortunately my househelp happened to be there and she gave a convincing description followed by... Continue Reading →


It was at a very busy signal, 3 days ago, when our paths crossed. Sun shone mercilessly on a hapless Mumbai, and clouds of dust and smoke hung above and the smell of petrol filled the air and lungs of Mumbaikars.Our car halted perpendicular to her auto while she tried to cross, a couple of... Continue Reading →

Dargah Lane, Mahim

The street leading to Mahim Dargah is a foodie's paradise. From bhatiyaras selling flavorful biryanis and luscious kebabs, bakeries wafting with aroma of fresh baked breads and pavs and naans, carts loaded with tastebuds-tickling tamarind and berries tossed in salt and a sprinkle of dry spices, to stalls of chaats and burgers and shwarmas and... Continue Reading →

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