The Great Indian Thali

Indian food is a spectacular gastronomical journey where every bend in the road tells a visually enticing delightfully different and lipsmackingly memorable story. If the Scots have their folklores, we Indians have foodlores. Our culture:Although dining table is a permanent piece of furniture in almost every household, it mostly serves as a shelf of convenience... Continue Reading →

Shivar Agro Tourism

Have you ever had a feeling, this strongly positive feeling of something going right even before it's actually happened? I had that while speaking to Dimple, an enquiry call I'd made and ended up booking the trip on the very same call in about 7 minutes.Dimple is the face, a voice rather of Shivar Agro... Continue Reading →

One Night Under Shooting Stars

So, the man of the house is an avid stargazer and deeply immersed in astrophysics. After many failed attempts at getting me to fall in love with the skyverse, he's started journeying on his own.  Not that I do not like the skies or the members inhabiting them, I absolutely love the veil of mysticism... Continue Reading →

Bhiwandi Dhaba, Naigaon

It's 4.30 on a Sunday evening and we're somewhere in the middle of Mira Road visiting a relative. The elders are so drowned in the flood of gossip that lunch in a restaurant we'd been planning for long has gone awry. Who serves lunch at 4.30 anyway?! So, after the last bits of goodbyes are... Continue Reading →

Regenta MPG Club, Mahabaleshwar

MPG's an abbreviation for Mahabaleshwar Parsi Gymkhana; this I discover while having a little chat one misty evening with Jitendra, a member of the team who mans the reception and services guests. While flipping through the dinner menu, from the corner of my eye, I find him alone, pensively hitting the keys of his computer.... Continue Reading →

Imitations, emulations, copies will come and go.But legends, they stand, firmly rooted, undeterred and unaffected. Rocksolid. Lucky Restaurant, sitting proud at the busy crossroads of suburban Bandra for more than 80 years is one such.Specializing in Mughal cuisine such as scrumptious kebabs and kepsa, luscious kormas and an array of lipsmacking Biryanis, Lucky has been... Continue Reading →

Fort Rajwada, Jaisalmer, Rajasthan

When I first stood gawking at the magnificent gate, camera in hand and mouth wide open, little did I know I was standing dwarfed by the same façade that was an eternal part of an award-winning TV show I've been a huge fan of... "Balika Vadhu". Jaisalmer - the city of wind-swept sand dunes, warm... Continue Reading →

Sherlock, Ooty

This isn't the place where the great Sherlock Holmes once lived. Or ever lived. Boy! he was fiction. But, I'm sure he would have given an arm and leg to buy this eponymous mansion as his post-retirement home. After all, even an eccentric detective like him covets this kind of haven to rest his deerstalking... Continue Reading →

Arco Iris, Curtorim, South Goa

I remember coming across a similar picture of a courtyard in one of the travel magazines. I also remember how it yanked me from my chair and ricocheted me decades back, playing in my grandma's Malvan home, with a bunch of cousins. How I miss those days... That picture never really left me. The longing to be there... Continue Reading →

Hidden Village, Shahapur, Maharashtra

The village may be magic It may be something in between In truth all I can tell you What I saw, not what I mean... It's a village, plain and simple In the woods, all shades of green Unkissed, and yet so perfect stuck in stasis, in between... Definitely borrowed, but these beautiful lines do strike a... Continue Reading →

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