Mystifying Mahabaleshwar

B E A U T Y lies in the smallest of things, often invisible, rather ignored and oblivious to a naked eye.Such as these brilliant green epiphytes living and thriving on every branch of the tree, the deep cleft splitting the stem into two; makes me wonder how it must have happened and who's habitating... Continue Reading →

Asma, the night sky.

Asma...means Sky!I couldn't help but tell her how truly beautiful she was. She made me feel as if every piece of jewelry she sold, kept adding its beauty to her. Not a trace of makeup, except the layer of sweat and grime from standing in the same place all afternoon and evening, which now had... Continue Reading →


Bangalore Palace Bangalore Palace Bangalore Palace Citrus Chambers, Mahabaleshwar Fort Rajwada, Jaisalmer

It's 9 after sundown. Traffic has thinned comparatively; this otherwise busy Mahim lane seems to be at peace. Except for the rhythmic chipping in Imran's roadside shop of hand carved wooden goods. The smell of varnish and raw wood is hypnotic. I'm drawn in. Imran lets me flip through their catalogue of mandirs, bookshelves, mirrors... Continue Reading →

Overwhelmed, humbled and ecstatic beyond measure!I just learned I write like Margaret Atwood...Click the link below to analyze your style of writing...

I let my mind wander when my body cannot. Right now it's wandered off among the mist-shrouded hills of #Mahabaleshwar.That's the Kalsubai Peak rising up in the background.I very much miss the mystifying monsoons of Mahabaleshwar!

Bougainvillea, tiny little flower with a mighty difficult name!Various other plants might have been a part of the school curriculum. But bougainvillea was the first one I actually got acquainted with. Memories of its lush foliage peeping across from a neighbouring compound into our tiny lane, offered respite to the dusty brown path beneath, it's... Continue Reading →

Idol from my complex. The decoration was spellbinding with a backdrop of countless white orchids. Idol from a mall with peacock themed decoration

After years contemplating, procastinating and nervousness, I made a spur-of-the-moment decision and brought him home...late night, when first day of the festival had drawn to a close. Thanks to a dear one for the precious words of wisdom that helped me cross this endless bridge. "Doesn't matter how the world celebrates. It's YOUR belief that... Continue Reading →

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