Tandoori Chai

  TANDOORI CHAI - a tea trend we Indians feast on.It's an elaborate process of baking the Kulhads (earthen pots) in flaming hot tandoor. Tea is then poured into the it which leads to all the sizzling and frothing, upping the entertainment factor by many many notches.This aromatic tea is then poured into a different... Continue Reading →


It's amazing how the same spot from the same balcony can offer so many different colours, experiences, moments... Heavens have opened, trees sway with joy to the tune of mellifluous Azan that fills the air. I'm in love with this evening. Can there be a better way to define PEACE...

The Music Of Rain

When the skies put on a show, all you have to do find a cosy corner, get your mug filled to the brim and listen...

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