In a choice between good and evil, people will always choose what 'they perceive to be good'.- Sasha Gracious

Veil Of Winter

It blew and blew, the winter wind, It blew to kiss my window pane; A kiss it was, like lovers do, Two bodies entwined in a firefly lane. Late is the winter sun to rise, I stoke embers beneath the mantlepiece; Sweater and stockings and scarves and gloves, By the fire I thaw my frozen... Continue Reading →

The Imprudent Wife

Rain whipped a torrent among the gusty trees, She knelt to kindle the sooted hearth, Embers refused to yield her pleas, She sobbed helpless to the nature's wrath. Winds roared and rustled in the nearby vales, Cattle bellowed in the quivering crib, She stormed to save the rain-soaked bales, But in vain and helpless like... Continue Reading →

Daddy’s Little Girl

She nestled in his arms a bird newborn, Eyes of pearls and a Roman nose. Asleep by his heart, her fingers curled his own, Oblivious and away from the worldly woes. He held her, frozen in moment and time, Wishing all he could, she never grew big. She was full moon of a morning sky,... Continue Reading →

An Ode To Autumn

There's a kind of mystery to autumn, What with her divaesque ways, Carpet of shriveled leaves under her feet, And a crown of sunlit days. Dew drops settle over the swaying meadows, Tickling the grazing ewes, Even the weeping willows smile, As the wind ruffles their golden leaves. Come, build your nest, O' hummingbird, Take... Continue Reading →


She fears not the darkest night. For she's befriended the stars; and moonlight. -Natasha Gracious

Happy Dussehra

The fight of good and evil, The fight of saints and sins, The fight of truth and deceit, Has the fight for the ages been. Light shall cut through darkness, Love shall reign over deceit, Empathy shall end injustice, Cruelty shall meet its defeat. Ten heads of the menacing demon, Were no match for the... Continue Reading →

When It Rains

Skies swollen grey with tints of majesty, Trees slumber under a misty spell, Billowy clouds part momentary, Sunbeams dive deep into the verdant dell. Wings of winds deliver your scent, I'm bathed, I'm drenched, I smell of you. Where art thou, O' angel of torment? Do the winds not whisper how I burn for you?... Continue Reading →


Dragon of fear I've slayed, ferocious in the face of life, Persistent and powerful, I wade through the river of strife. Shattered, a wavebeaten ship on the shore, Make no mistake, I'm a diamond alive in the ore. Misunderstood I am for my reasoning and rebellion, Silence is a weakness I forgive this mindless assumption.... Continue Reading →

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