Chocolate Cake Layered With Whipped Cream And Truffle Icing

There's nothing more rewarding than the faces beaming with smiles, sparkling eyes and dropping jaws after I open up the pack and unleash my creation. This one was for my gorgeous little niece, Susanna's 4th birthday. Pardon me with that decoration. I know its a little amateurish 😛 My affair with chocolate is world known by now. It... Continue Reading →

My Name Is Arnold

Living at heights feels like heaven... or at least closer to it :). I play neighbor to bunch of these gorgeous Kites who visit my aerial neighborhood daily. One of these, somehow, has become a pal of mine. Although its kinda one-sided 🙂 . Its that prominent "V" in his wings which makes him stand out from his family. I... Continue Reading →

B/W Is Beautiful

Irony And Ecstasy: I clicked this picture on our visit to Mussoorie. We'd halted for a coffee in a tiny restaurant. Through the backdoor, I could see a bright little temple plonked precariously on a cliff. I couldn't stop myself from requesting the manager to allow me get to the rear to click some pics. He gladly obliged. There... Continue Reading →

Jimmy Boy, Fort

Fort area in Southern Mumbai still oozes its 18th century colonial charm. So does its heritage architecture, streets and its cafes. Nestled in the Horniman Circle area, bang opposite the glorious Asiatic Library and a neighbour to the famous Bademiya is this modest little restaurant called Jimmy Boy. Jimmy Boy is famous for its authentic Parsi... Continue Reading →

Eight things to do in Oslo

Ellis Goes On Holiday

A few days before the first May Bank Holiday, I had the horrible realisation that I don’t really have any more annual leave from work until the end of September. That means: no summer holiday. It was too late to plan anything for that three day weekend but there was still time to organise something for May Bank Holiday number two. My flatmate agreed to come with me and we had one criteria- it had to be someone neither of us had been to. It also had to work money-wise and flight-wise, by which I mean it had to be cheap and the flight times had to be after work on Friday night and back Monday afternoon.

A bit of research later and my flatmate found the cheapest flight deal was to Oslo. I’d never really considered going to Norway before but the flight times were also perfect and the…

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Chocolate Fudge Cake

My age-long affair with anything chocolate continues with this deep, dense and dark marvel. There's really nothing fussy about this cake. But the end result is sure to amaze you and all. Preparation time: 20-25 minutes Baking time: 50 minutes to an hour Serves: 8 - 10 Ingredients: For Cake: 225 g dark chocolate, in drops... Continue Reading →

Cucumber And Mint Summer Salad

I call this "Summer Salad" because I somehow associate the coolness of mint to summer. All of a sudden, it becomes omnipresent - fridge, salads, juices... And now that I've learned chopping it up like a professional, it makes life much easier 🙂 I'm not a heavy mint user in the salads, but with this one I'm quiet... Continue Reading →

Watermelon Lemonade

Lime juice and lemon soda with loads of ice have always been my summer buddies. I do experiment with them, but the options are limited. No wonder, I have the gorgeous sunny lemons sitting in my fridge at all times. But only until I found this wonderful recipe on the net. I couldn't wait to try... Continue Reading →

Supersonic Butter Cake

Supersonic? Coz its the easiest, simplest and the fastest cake that's made with least possible ingredients and labor. With its buttery yumminess and soft sponge, it makes a fabulous companion for tea and coffee. Believe me, this one's for the laziest bakers in the world 🙂 Preparation time: 25 minutes Cooking time: 30 minutes Serves: 8 - 10 Ingredients:... Continue Reading →

Tullahmore Estate, Mussoorie

"Oh my gosh! Is that the Himalayas out there? Yeah that's the Himalayas. Yaayyyyy we can see the Himalayas from our windoooowwww!"...I shrieked and leapt as I opened our window to let the morning sun inside our freezing room. Tullahmore Estate is a century old colonial bungalow. The earlier version of it belonged to the British... Continue Reading →

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