Asterias, From Dawn To Dark

Do you know what Asteria means? It's Greek for Star. And another word for my being consumed with fairlylores and skyverse 🙂 Chance encounters with two extremely beautiful, hardworking women; different generations, different fields of work but three things in common - sparkling hazel eyes, innocent yet contagious smiles, and childish eagerness to pose for... Continue Reading →

Built in the first half of 13th century, this medieval tower is one of Bruges' most prominent symbols. Standing tall and proud right in the centre of the city, the building has braved many a catastrophe - twice to flames and once to lightning which even reduced its spire to ashes. Thrice consumed and thrice... Continue Reading →

An empty church somewhere in the mist shrouded Nilgiris, a throwback to 3 years ago. Does it not seem to evoke an unsettling feeling, a foreboding or sound an alarm to a twist of fate that's going to happen less than 3 years thence...

Rhythm House, Mumbai

A city that was... RHYTHM HOUSE - practically every music lover of Mumbai must have visited this iconic haven of CDs, DVDs, even when Cassettes were prevalent, at least once, before it made way for fashion. I'm glad to have captured this legend from erstwhile Mumbai, one of those architectural wonders from bygone era, that... Continue Reading →

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