Chapter 2

I got married at 24. Career would be a priority for the next 4 years was agreed upon by the both of us. I have a thing of pulling numbers out of a hat. For instance, during a job interview, I'd asked for a CTC of 4.8; not 4.5 or 5, but 4.8. My alarms... Continue Reading →

Chapter 1 Trip To Gangtok

Snow fascinates me. Growing up I'd devoured countless books on hopeful fairytales and whimsical castles and dreamy snow. They made the growing up easy and gave wings to the dreams of adulthood. I particularly remember flipping through their pages before buying; to ensure the photographs were there. That was the beginning of my relationship with whitewashed... Continue Reading →

Herbal Tea

It's pelting down outside. Thundering and lightening have made a rare but dramatic appearance of this season. I'm grappled with sore throat and that's my tea boiling away.I'm not a tea fanatic. Therefore, when I make one for myself, I add a world of herbs to it. That way it doesn't taste like the usual... Continue Reading →

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