Heart Or Mind

'The Bridges Of Madison County'..... one of the finest masterpieces ever made! You have to watch it to experience it. I've seen this movie every single time it's been broadcast. That should make it countless. Yet, I keep channel-hopping every night in anticipation.  This movie is something magical! It brings some sort of mental peace... Continue Reading →

Lost And Found

It was 7 years back, when I'd newly joined a multinational. It was my first day. Being a new recruit, the first to join my department and without a boss, I was all lost. There was no one to induct or introduce. It was then I met Bianca. She called me for a coffee and we hit... Continue Reading →

Friends Forever! Really?

Tanya... a beauty with lot of brains. Her height and long, black wavy hair strikingly made her stand out from the rest of our group. She always tied her hair in a bun, except for that thin, long bundle which she kept loose as if to allow it to flow on her pretty face. I always felt, she... Continue Reading →

Consensual Sex – Cheating or Rape?

I saw an episode of "Crime Patrol" on Saturday. Its been playing on my mind repeatedly ever since, forcing me to finally put it in here. It is a real-life tale about an older girl and a younger boy falling in love, leading to a disastrous end.Shilpa, a gorgeous 22 yr old worked for a call-centre.... Continue Reading →

Bandstand, A Couple’s Paradise

I've been craving to write about Mumbai since long, since the time I can remember. Mumbai, my city, the city of dreams, the city that has sheltered with love more than 18 million people across all states of India and from different parts of the globe the city that is a source of bread and... Continue Reading →

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