Regenta MPG Club, Mahabaleshwar

MPG's an abbreviation for Mahabaleshwar Parsi Gymkhana; this I discover while having a little chat one misty evening with Jitendra, a member of the team who mans the reception and services guests. While flipping through the dinner menu, from the corner of my eye, I find him alone, pensively hitting the keys of his computer.... Continue Reading →

Mystifying Mahabaleshwar

B E A U T Y lies in the smallest of things, often invisible, rather ignored and oblivious to a naked eye.Such as these brilliant green epiphytes living and thriving on every branch of the tree, the deep cleft splitting the stem into two; makes me wonder how it must have happened and who's habitating... Continue Reading →

I let my mind wander when my body cannot. Right now it's wandered off among the mist-shrouded hills of #Mahabaleshwar.That's the Kalsubai Peak rising up in the background.I very much miss the mystifying monsoons of Mahabaleshwar!

Mahabaleshwar, Maharashtra

Soaring peaks, breathtaking valleys, lush flora, cool, crisp mountain air, simple and friendly people and the spicy and delicious food! This is Mahabaleshwar, Maharashtra’s most popular hill station. Mahabaleshwar in Sanskrit means ‘God of great power’. This place is indeed rewarding with a mix of old-world charm, natural beauty and modernity. To me, its more like... Continue Reading →

Weekend Fling With Mahabaleshwar – My Photostory

When the monsoons put on a show, trust me, Mahabaleshwar has got the best seats. And we waste no time in grabbing them every year. There's some sort of romance associated with those pattering rain-drops and this place. Verdant hills seem to quiver in the freezing mist, which is why they keep themselves warm in those velvetty green quilts.... Continue Reading →

Monsoon Mania in Mahabaleshwar… some more pics…

Its only a week after I'm back from my weekend escape to the divine Mahabaleshwar, but the memories are still afresh. Although, I've dedicated an entire column to Mahabaleshwar under "My Travelogues", I couldn't stop myself from posting few more pics of my latest monsoon visit to this heavenly abode. Rains, fog, greenery... a visual treat that... Continue Reading →

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