Overlap Of Seasons

Woke up to this!Call it an overlap, call it a marriage of winter and spring, call it what you like. This unexpected glory with an aura of mysticism is like a fairy dropped by at night, waved her magic wand and roused these pretty buds who'd been asleep since Fall!

Duck Walk

https://videopress.com/v/byKV9GAk?resizeToParent=true&cover=true&autoPlay=true&loop=true&playsinline=true&preloadContent=auto&useAverageColor=true Rehearsals For Paris Fashion Week!

Kai and I

  Ever seen a crow couple?That's Kai and his sweetheart. Kai and I are friends for a year now. Every morning he drops by for snacks. It gladdens me that he's no more afraid of this human, for now he pecks from my hand right till the last bit. What I've come to understand about... Continue Reading →

Global WarNing

A shade of Mama Nature or her expression of fury?! In her tongue she warns... "Stop messing with me." Fireworks and roaring thunder, winds and whipping rain; two weeks into October, the season of harvest. Mutiny and mayhem of life, property and food. But monsoon isn't ready to take its leave just yet. Mumbai hasn't... Continue Reading →

I let my mind wander when my body cannot. Right now it's wandered off among the mist-shrouded hills of #Mahabaleshwar.That's the Kalsubai Peak rising up in the background.I very much miss the mystifying monsoons of Mahabaleshwar!

Bougainvillea, tiny little flower with a mighty difficult name!Various other plants might have been a part of the school curriculum. But bougainvillea was the first one I actually got acquainted with. Memories of its lush foliage peeping across from a neighbouring compound into our tiny lane, offered respite to the dusty brown path beneath, it's... Continue Reading →

And here I go again; with my never-ending fascination for tenebrous nights, risen moon, ageless banyans and eerie quiet, except for the crushing of dried leaves underfoot. Perfect backdrop for a horror story.

Fancy a morning walk by the tracks?Well, why not... when tall lush trees line the tracks, sunlight streams in just warm enough to thaw you, smell of burnt wood and foliage wafts in the air and the train passing by moves at a speed as if strolling along with you.This is a throwback pic from... Continue Reading →

The Music Of Rain

When the skies put on a show, all you have to do find a cosy corner, get your mug filled to the brim and listen...

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