If Europe has so much to speak of its veritable bread, we Indians have a humble answer of our own - the versatile Paav. This was taken in the ever busy Madgaon Market of South Goa. It's a given to lose oneself in the labyrinthine market, considering the massive shopping options, but the aroma of... Continue Reading →

Rhythm House, Mumbai

A city that was... RHYTHM HOUSE - practically every music lover of Mumbai must have visited this iconic haven of CDs, DVDs, even when Cassettes were prevalent, at least once, before it made way for fashion. I'm glad to have captured this legend from erstwhile Mumbai, one of those architectural wonders from bygone era, that... Continue Reading →


I believe in whispers of angels, I believe in signs from the seas, The answers I've been seeking so long, Are somewhere deep inside of me...

Dahi Handi At My Mom’s

This was the exact same spot I'd stand along with a bunch of friends and watch young boys of our complex make a human pyramid. Amongst all that laughter and cheers and many many attempts of crashing and rising and crashing again, they'd manage to reach the top and finally break the handi. What a... Continue Reading →

Bandra-Worli Sealink

Evening drive has to be like this... Azure skies dotted with cottony, rain-soaked clouds and most importantly, traffic-less roads 🙂

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