Chilly-fry Chicken Sausages with Mushrooms

My repertoire of being a short-cut cook combined with my undying love for Chinese food, led to the invention of this recipe. Mushrooms cooked in spices time and again was getting a bit banal. So I decided to add a bit of Chinese spin to it. Cooked in a jiffy without compromising on the flavour,... Continue Reading →

Creamy Crab Meat Soup

Crabs, I feel, are hugely underrated - they carry the flavour of the ocean in them and yeah, they are a lot cheaper too. I prefer devouring them at home than in restaurants, where I always fear of flipping it on to someone else on the other table. I've had crab meat soup in restaurants a number of times, which is usually a transparent... Continue Reading →

Green pea soup with fresh basil and cream

Its monsoon time, folks! Monsoon is best experienced by having a hearty meal sitting besides the window enjoying the pitter-patter of the rains. My green pea and basil soup is my rainy companion... very warm, healthy and super-easy to make. A blitz is all it takes and the soup is ready. Ingredients: (Serves 2) 3 cups water... Continue Reading →

Creamy Chicken in Spring Onions

In my repertoire of being a shortcut cook, this sure is a killer recipe. And it has always got me accolades from whoever has had it. Its finger-licking good and so very easy to cook!!! Ingredients: (serves 3) Chicken breasts (boneless) - half kg Spring onions - half a bunch, finely chopped Black pepper - half... Continue Reading →

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