I let my mind wander when my body cannot. Right now it's wandered off among the mist-shrouded hills of #Mahabaleshwar.That's the Kalsubai Peak rising up in the background.I very much miss the mystifying monsoons of Mahabaleshwar!

Bougainvillea, tiny little flower with a mighty difficult name!Various other plants might have been a part of the school curriculum. But bougainvillea was the first one I actually got acquainted with. Memories of its lush foliage peeping across from a neighbouring compound into our tiny lane, offered respite to the dusty brown path beneath, it's... Continue Reading →

Silent, serene, sublime!One early Sunday morning long long time ago, when she knew not what a lockdown is…

The colossal Bara Imambara or the Shiite Tomb Complex is one of the architectural marvels of Lucknow. Built in the early 18th century by Asaf-ud-daula, the Nawab of Avadh, the Imambara reflects the ornamental Mughal design in every corner. Side View: Bhulbhulaiya is a disorientating network of narrow passageways that winds its way inside the... Continue Reading →

Built in the first half of 13th century, this medieval tower is one of Bruges' most prominent symbols. Standing tall and proud right in the centre of the city, the building has braved many a catastrophe - twice to flames and once to lightning which even reduced its spire to ashes. Thrice consumed and thrice... Continue Reading →

This imposing, awe-inspiring oil-painted masterpiece is one of the largest and proudest possessions of Louvre Museum, Paris. Completed in 1807 by Jacques-Louis David, the artist was commissioned by Napoleon himself. While tourists make a beeline, rather a beehive, for the enigmatic Mona Lisa, to me it was this massive painting that took my breath away.... Continue Reading →

An empty church somewhere in the mist shrouded Nilgiris, a throwback to 3 years ago. Does it not seem to evoke an unsettling feeling, a foreboding or sound an alarm to a twist of fate that's going to happen less than 3 years thence...

This intimidatingly tall idol of Lord Hanuman sits on the bank of river Ganga in Rishikesh. As the sun goes down filling the river sky with all hues of red and pink, devotees flock in for the revered Ganga Aarti. Sounds of thaals, bells and hymns reverberate as if in an effort to reach heavens... Continue Reading →

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