First photograph is of my nephew, Reyaansh, my sister's son. He has an aura of innocence that only angels possess. He's blessed with an incredible IQ and EQ for a 11 year old. Second is of my younger nephew, Kiaan, my bro's kid. He's 9, a seasoned storyteller (horror mostly), and a mind blowing artist.... Continue Reading →

The Essence Of Diwali

This intimidatingly tall idol of Lord Hanuman sits on the bank of river Ganga in Rishikesh. As the sun goes down filling the river sky with all hues of red and pink, devotees flock in for the revered Ganga Aarti. Sounds of thaals, bells and hymns reverberate as if in an effort to reach heavens... Continue Reading →

They're ubiquitous; just like the canals! Did you know, bicycles parking spot at Central Station is the most photographed site in Amsterdam? It's these bikes that rule the streets. The city is practically owned by cyclists. They swarm the streets unfazed by traffic rules, rendering the motorists and pedestrians almost powerless. Fun fact is around... Continue Reading →

If Europe has so much to speak of its veritable bread, we Indians have a humble answer of our own - the versatile Paav. This was taken in the ever busy Madgaon Market of South Goa. It's a given to lose oneself in the labyrinthine market, considering the massive shopping options, but the aroma of... Continue Reading →

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