The Essence Of Diwali

Duck Walk Rehearsals For Paris Fashion Week!

Kai and I

  Ever seen a crow couple?That's Kai and his sweetheart. Kai and I are friends for a year now. Every morning he drops by for snacks. It gladdens me that he's no more afraid of this human, for now he pecks from my hand right till the last bit. What I've come to understand about... Continue Reading →

Global WarNing

A shade of Mama Nature or her expression of fury?! In her tongue she warns... "Stop messing with me." Fireworks and roaring thunder, winds and whipping rain; two weeks into October, the season of harvest. Mutiny and mayhem of life, property and food. But monsoon isn't ready to take its leave just yet. Mumbai hasn't... Continue Reading →


Powder dusted skies stretch till infinity, ginormous tufts settle on the wings of winds. Where they're headed, they know not. Mindless wanderers...


Who the devil is singing this loud! Are they praying for themselves or the whole complex?', I snapped at the sound that entered my house cutting through the sound-proof French windows to ruffle my quite morning. I rushed out to find the source so I could rain more curses on whoever that was. As I... Continue Reading →

Tandoori Chai

  TANDOORI CHAI - a tea trend we Indians feast on.It's an elaborate process of baking the Kulhads (earthen pots) in flaming hot tandoor. Tea is then poured into the it which leads to all the sizzling and frothing, upping the entertainment factor by many many notches.This aromatic tea is then poured into a different... Continue Reading →

The Rohtang Tunnel – World’s Longest High Altitude Tunnel

An Engineering marvel, result of 10 years of relentless efforts, navigating its way through one of the most picturesque valleys, the Atal Rohtang Tunnel is now ready. Named after our beloved former Prime Minister, Shri Atal Bihari Vajpayee, the tunnel is his dream project. Have a look!

The Music Of Rain

When the skies put on a show, all you have to do find a cosy corner, get your mug filled to the brim and listen...

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