Shivar Agro Tourism

Have you ever had a feeling, this strongly positive feeling of something going right even before it's actually happened? I had that while speaking to Dimple, an enquiry call I'd made and ended up booking the trip on the very same call in about 7 minutes.Dimple is the face, a voice rather of Shivar Agro... Continue Reading →

Hidden Village, Shahapur, Maharashtra

The village may be magic It may be something in between In truth all I can tell you What I saw, not what I mean... It's a village, plain and simple In the woods, all shades of green Unkissed, and yet so perfect stuck in stasis, in between... Definitely borrowed, but these beautiful lines do strike a... Continue Reading →

Tudor Retreat, Khopoli

Breakfast swinging by the lake, morning stroll breathing in that fresh fresh village air, losing yourself in the vignette of the sun going down behind the hills and the silence interrupted by just the sound of your swing....sounds surreal. But a weekend at Tudor Retreat and you'll know how desperately you needed this bucolic and tranquil interlude. Lali along... Continue Reading →

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