Asma, the night sky.

Asma…means Sky!
I couldn’t help but tell her how truly beautiful she was. She made me feel as if every piece of jewelry she sold, kept adding its beauty to her. Not a trace of makeup, except the layer of sweat and grime from standing in the same place all afternoon and evening, which now had quietly crept into the night. Nonetheless, her dark, kohl-lined eyes sparkled brighter than the brightly lit shops around.
I asked her if I could click her pic and she happily blushed and posed.
That’s the thing about compliments. People don’t wait around to be complimented. But words worthy of praise sure are welcome, specially when they’re unexpected and come from a total stranger . You don’t have to wait for the right moment to tell someone something good about them. Every moment is a right one, if its gonna make someone’s day…or in Asma’s case, night…

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