The Imprudent Wife

Rain whipped a torrent among the gusty trees,
She knelt to kindle the sooted hearth,
Embers refused to yield her pleas,
She sobbed helpless to the nature's wrath.

Winds roared and rustled in the nearby vales,
Cattle bellowed in the quivering crib,
She stormed to save the rain-soaked bales,
But in vain and helpless like a sinking ship.

Gruel she fed a supper to her wailing kids,
And saved a piece of bread for her coming love,
She hummed her song of youth and the kids fell asleep,
Two heads in her lap and an unborn dove.

Rain stopped beating and the clouds dispersed,
Her love arrived home and dined on gruel and slice,
He found the cinders dead and the dwelling cold,
Seeing her asleep he thought 'What an imprudent wife'…

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