Veil Of Winter

It blew and blew, the winter wind,
It blew to kiss my window pane;
A kiss it was, like lovers do,
Two bodies entwined in a firefly lane.

Late is the winter sun to rise,
I stoke embers beneath the mantlepiece;
Sweater and stockings and scarves and gloves,
By the fire I thaw my frozen bones.

Snow falls from sky a spectre grey,
It's white, it's white, it's white allwhere;
On branches and boughs and fences and fleece,
Each one draped in a crystal veil.

I hear the churchbells chime afar,
Cardinals call out to the silent spell;
Season of snowman and sledges and stews,
Three months for Winter to merrily dwell…
- Sasha Gracious 

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