Biryani Badshah Of Mumbai


Imitations, emulations, copies will come and go.
But legends, they stand, firmly rooted, undeterred and unaffected. Rocksolid. Lucky Restaurant, sitting proud at the busy crossroads of suburban Bandra for more than 80 years is one such.
Specializing in Mughal cuisine such as scrumptious kebabs and kepsa, luscious kormas and an array of lipsmacking Biryanis, Lucky has been belting out food and flavours and superb service relentlessly. Their wait staff have been with them for over 20 years, and have extensive knowledge about the menu. Trust them for a marvelous suggestion. Marvelous to an extent that we ordered four dishes and parceled home 3.
Frequented by many a Bollywood stars, its walls boast of neatly framed handwritten notes of gratitude by the beloved Khan family among others.
To my dismay, they have only two branches in Mumbai and the food delivery apps do not deliver in the area I live.
I therefore seized the opportunity the moment it presented itself. After 4 years, it was a homecoming of sorts.
One of the wait staff still remembers me; or rather my bizarre order of Chicken Biryani with an extra serving of potatoes (He recognized me the moment I spilled, “I’m okay if you reduce the pieces of chicken. Add potatoes instead”. With a pity in his eyes he replied, “mam, you can have your biryani the way it is. I’ll get you extra potatoes, don’t worry”. He did. 5 big halves of them.
And the valet, he remembers me, or rather my spot at the entrance, where I’d stand like a pole, stationary, unperturbed by the passing and pushing crowds; so my lunching friends don’t miss the sight of me. Clad in a deep grey safari suit, he’d man the vehicles, and I’d man the spot. That was 18 years ago. “Dubla gayi ho aap”, said he with a chuckle. How sweet of him! Good thing I hadn’t ordered any dessert 😊😊

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